2021-present National University of Singapore, Research Fellow in Marco Tomamichel's group

2019-2020 University of Sheffield, Research Associate in Earl Campbell's group

2018-2019 Infineon Technologies, Singapore, Data scientist for Business Analytics.

2013-2018 Centre for Quantum Technologies and SUTD, Research Fellow in Joseph Fitzsimons's group

2010-2013 University of Waterloo, PhD in Math, supervised by Debbie Leung

2008-2009 University of Waterloo, Masters in Math, supervised by Debbie Leung

2003-2007 California Institute of Technology, B.Sc. Physics

Welcome to my personal webpage! I am Yingkai Ouyang, and my primary specialty lies in constructing bespoke quantum error correction codes that satisfy prescribed physical constraints. Such constraints arise from the physics of actual quantum devices that are needed to enable quantum technologies, such as in actual quantum memories or in quantum sensors. With my expertise in quantum error correction, I aim to bring fresh insights into practical aspects of quantum technologies.